Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Sticky Asian Chicken Tenders

If you're cool like me a.k.a. a 90's baby, there's no doubt in my mind that chicken tenders were in your top 5 favorite foods growing up.  Probably alongside pizza, hamburgers, french fries and mac & cheese, am I right??  Okay Howie, I believe chicken fingers is the correct terminology in Buffalo.  I just got major girlfriend points for that.

Anyway, sometimes I still want my childhood classics, except with the flavor turned up.  And not out of a frozen bag.  And minus the whole deep frying part that adds loads of fat and calories.  That's where Sticky Asian Chicken Tenders come in.  I bread chicken tenderloins in panko bread crumbs, bake them with a drizzle of olive oil to add that unmistakable crunch, and then toss them in Ree Drummond's Orange Chicken Sauce and top them with chopped green onions and peanuts.  A little sweet, a little tangy, a little crunchy...a little perfect!

I get love incorporating Ree's Orange Sauce recipe because a) she's one of my favorite Food Network Stars since her food is so easy and approachable and b) I have absolutely no idea how to make an Asian stir fry sauce from scratch.  Practice makes perfect!  I typed her recipe for orange sauce below, but if you click on her link - FYI I double the ingredients so there's enough to coat everything!  These Sticky Asian Chicken Tenders are the perfect quick meal for those busy weeknights when you're thinking of ordering takeout after a long day!  Kid-friendly too!


  1. My son loves Chinese food especially because it is kid friendly.

  2. My sister likes Chinese food. This recipe is a "must" for us.

  3. I love Chinese food.It is so tasty and healthy, too. I'll try this recipe.


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