Monday, July 13, 2015

Exploring the CLE Bike Scene

New summer, new hobby.  Well actually it's more like an old hobby, rediscovered, paired with an even older bike fully clad with rust spots from when I left it outside my dorm one too many times during my college days.  Anyway, my love for biking was finally rekindled a few weeks ago when I realized that I could easily bike 3 miles in 10 minutes instead of running 3 miles of 25 minutes...which means I can explore more of the city on foot a.k.a. the best way!  It's also an ample cross-training opportunity, hellooooo beach bod!  So I've been cruising around town after work and on weekends, mostly to the obvious locations like Edgewater Park and other streets near the lake.  Despite their prime photography opportunities, the paths are definitely crowded.

So that's where I need help.  I'm desperate for new ideas and thought that there's gotta be at least a few of you out there that might have some off-the-beaten-path recommendations for me?  Off the beaten path meaning still asphalt because my ride through the muddy sand at Edgewater tonight was an epic fail!  Routes that are a little scenic are extra appreciated!

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