Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Night in Cleveland!

One of my favorite areas of downtown Cleveland is Playhouse Square, and I'm proud to say that I finally got to see a musical on Thursday night!  Howie got us tickets to see Chicago, which is only in town for a week!  The show was absolutely amazing on its own, but the combination of dinner at The District restaurant and an after show beer at Parnell's Irish Pub made the entire night perfect.

A classy outing to the theater demands a classy dinner, so before the show, we ate at The District, a brasserie located on the corner of East 14th and Prospect Ave.  I would highly recommend a visit if you have a special occasion to celebrate because the food and wine were great!  After sipping on a glass of Pinot Noir, eating bread with with gourmet spreads, and then having pan seared chicken breast with rice pilaf, I was stuffed.  But if I've learned anything in my life, it's that there is ALWAYS room for dessert!  We had a warm mint kiss beverage, which consists of French-pressed coffee, Bailey's, Kahlua, and Peppermint Schnapps (aka heaven on earth).  If I could have one of those every night after dinner, the world would really be a perfect place!

After dinner, we headed over to the Palace Theater for Chicago.  Because the show was sold out, the theater was absolutely packed!  After admiring the architectural details (and the older women's sparkly theater outfits), we went to our seats.  Showtime!  I could immediately tell why Chicago has become the most successful, longest-running musical in America; between the singing, dancing, costumes, sin, drama, and all that jazz, there was never a dull moment.  I can't wait to go back for another show this year!

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