Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Apple Cinnamon Cranberry Bread

So I just came to the mind-shattering realization that Thanksgiving is 2 weeks away.  Where did the fall go??  Why haven't I started listening to Christmas music??  Just kidding about that last one.  I had you, didn't I?  The only thing I seem to be on top of this season is coming up with some ahhhh-mazing holiday recipes!  Like Apple Cinnamon Cranberry Bread.  Seriously though, the sweet apples, tangy cranberries and fresh orange zest combined with a heavenly brown sugar cinnamon mixture that caramelizes on top of the bread when you bake it in the oven...it's just perfect.  On top of how great it tastes, the bread is light enough that you can serve it for breakfast on Thanksgiving or Christmas Day and it will tie your guests over until the scrumptious dinner!

  Let the holiday season officially commence on the blog!

The secret to getting all of the flavors in every bite?  Layers!  I pour half of the bread dough in the loaf pan, pat down half the apples and cranberries into the dough, top with half the cinnamon brown sugar mixture and repeat.  It's so simple but adds the prettiest streak of color in the center of each slice of the Apple Cinnamon Cranberry Bread.

Don't the warm cinnamon notes and bursts of festive red cranberries have Happy Holidays written all over them?

I'm sure you've already realized that Apple Cinnamon Cranberry Bread is clearly fine on it's own as a breakfast, a dessert, a snack, an I'm-not-even-hungry-but-it's-summoning-me-from-across-the-kitchen treat...but it's even better served with a mug of warm apple cider or cinnamon stick tea!

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