Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Post-Boxing Reward Day

I picked up a new hobby a couple of months ago...BOXING!  Not only does it make me sound a little bad-ass, but it's super fun and a great stress reliever (for my extremely stressed out, neurotic self) hitting the 100 pound bags to ghetto rap music.  The biggest reason why it's awesome is that you burn almost 1,000 calories in 1 hour, which means I can cut my old 40-minute-on-the-treadmill-6-days-a-week habit down to 3 days of intense boxing/kickboxing!  Definitely not easy, but so worth it. My arms are getting ripped!  So this weekend, I was absolutely starving after my late morning class at Title Boxing Club.  I know it probably would've been healthier to have a grilled chicken salad or something afterwards, but all I had that day was a low-cal green smoothie, so I wanted real food.  Think pizza or grilled cheese or anything else hearty and delicious.  Then my mom said she found a recipe for Pizza Pinwheels.  I was sold!

The recipes were so quick and easy, and I even got a second recipe out of the extra Italian sausage that we didn't need.  Yep, I kept the carbs rolling with a homemade sausage bolognese sauce that I served over pasta for dinner.  I feel bad for gluten free people!  The whole recipe process was a little spur of the moment/hunger-driven, so there wasn't really any time to mess around with step-by-step photos.  They're both so easy that you really don't need them anyway!  And feel free to sub pepperoni for the sausage in the pinwheels, I've made them that way before and it's still delicious and a little less work than cooking sausage too!

So great with the fresh basil!  I always like to store extra sauce in mason jars because I think it keeps it fresh so much longer than Tupperware!  These mini mason jars were actually an impulse buy at the grocery store once...but I now use them almost every week.  Great investment!

In case you need a visual for Title Boxing Club...

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