Sunday, June 8, 2014

Cleveland Art Panels

I got a new hobby...painting!  Actually, I'm pretty proud of myself that I found an activity I enjoy that doesn't involve cooking or working out.  This idea all started when Howie and I were in Seattle.  We were walking around the artsy part of Pike's Place Market and saw some incredible wood panels that had a painted background with buildings and skylines carved in using a CNC router.  Last weekend, we tried replicating them on our own, swapping Cleveland for Seattle and subtracting the CNC routing part.  I loved every minute of it, which is surprising since I usually prefer drawing with ink or graphite over painting.  

Now for the details.  Each piece is a 12" x 12" smooth wood panel with acrylic paint.  I start by blending colors to form the background, and then letting the panel dry for an hour.  For the skyline details, I try to make a stencil and fill it in with black paint, but usually have to freehand details as well (the bridge in the last painting, for example, is completely freehanded).

Basically, they look awesome on my wall, and I'm hoping to get an opportunity to make art for other people also.  I did Cleveland scenes for myself, but can do any city, skyline, sports team, college, etc that people would want.  You can pick the color scheme too if there are specific colors you prefer to incorporate.  1 panel is $30, but they're $25 each if you buy 2 or more.  If you're interested or want more information, message me on Facebook, text me if you have my number or e-mail me at

Looking forward to making more!

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